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You’re my first, you’re my last, you’re my everything…

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Okay, let’s see what you know.

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"--Why do you hate yourself?"



"Y-you know why." She mumbled, eyes flickering downwards. Quite honestly, Osgood hadn’t been doing well recently. She hadn’t really been getting enough sleep, kept up all night by her pathetic worrying and childish nightmares. This, of course, was making her feel on edge and quite upset with herself, constantly feeling jumpy and nervous and completely unfocused.

Life was hard enough as is with her anxiety. It felt almost impossible to manage with her feelings of self-loathing creeping in again. 


"I-I’m a freak. I t-told you that y-years ago.” 

      “—Hey, hey.” Ten walked to her, cupping her face with his hand. “—Don’t say that, sweetheart. I know, with your anxiety an’ all, that you feel that way, but—I told you this years ago, dearie—I’ve got two hearts. I’m not even human. I’m the freak here!”

        He said this lightly, in an attempt to cheer her up. With a little forehead peck—best way to reassure her, after all—The Doctor ran his thumb over her cheek. “Anyway, I’ve got scientific proof that you aren’t a freak. Look.”

        He pulled out the Psychic Paper, making it fake an article called “KATE OSGOOD NOT A FREAK: STUDIES SHOW THAT SHE IS IN FACT A WONDERFUL AND INTELLIGENT YOUNG WOMAN”, filled with a list of why she was so fantastic, statistics, bar graphs, pie charts and all. Ten pushed it into her face. “—See?”

She bit her lip, trying to hold back the meltdown she felt creeping up on her. She placed on of her hands on his shoulder to steady herself. She was never the most stable person when about to burst into tears. Nodding a little she listened to him carefully, like she usually did, trying to see herself the way he did. It was hard, though, considering how terrible things had been for her growing up. And she knew he was well aware.

Tears welling up in her eyes, she forced her gaze up to be met with his little article for her. A laugh bubbled up from inside of her. Just a small one as she was still quite upset, but a laugh nonetheless. “I see.” She replied, smiling softly. It was hard to even say that much without dissolving into tears, but she managed. The kindness of the gesture- though she knew it hadn’t been difficult for him to create the article- was a little overwhelming. 

After a moment of hesitation, she threw her arms around the Doctor’s midsection, pulling herself closer to him for a hug. “Thank you…” She mumbled. 

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Credit to David Venni

Credit to David Venni

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A little GIF action, courtesy of Doctor Who’s new Doctor and this week’s cover star, Peter Capaldi. 
Photo Credit: Jeff Riedel for EW.


A little GIF action, courtesy of Doctor Who’s new Doctor and this week’s cover star, Peter Capaldi. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Riedel for EW.

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One minute everything was fine, the next, the laser shot through the air and everything changed. 

Osgood: Stay with me Kate, oh god, please stay awake, please stay with me.

She didn’t hear the sirens approaching, only the paramedics pulling her out of the way, was what brought her back round to reality. She couldn’t believe how much blood there was, over her hands and clothes.

Waiting in the hospital left like an eternity, and yet no time at all. Sitting in the cold waiting room, still covered in Kate’s blood.

Doctor: I’m afraid she’s in critical condition. She should go see her.

She almost didn’t want to, but she forced herself to go stand by her bosses bed. She sat in silence, eventually taking her hand.

Osgood:Please Kate open your eyes. You can’t leave me here all alone, We all need you, I need you, please come back.  

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Cries please give me a chuck au please please please

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movement and posture headcanons! 


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I started Chuck and oh man I need a Chuck AU where Osgood has government secrets in her brain and she has to be protected because people are trying to kidnap her and oh man yes please this would be rad.

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