The Doctor Will Save Me

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Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up’ for my character’s reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them. 

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Memories Lost || Closed with Yesscarfgirl 


Fitz gives her a sharp look. Unfortunately, memory loss is something he’s quite familiar with and it never tends to be a picnic for anyone involved. Hand on her back, he’d guide her over to the couch, gesturing for her to sit, “Wait here for a moment.” After making sure she’s settled, he’d duck into his tiny bathroom, emerging with a rather large first aid kit. Experience had made him caution. He sets the kit onto the coffee table before gesturing to her clothing, “We need t’get you out of that before you freeze to death.”

In no state to refuse his help, Osgood let herself be ushered to the couch, thankful for the chance to sit and rest her aching body. She nodded at him, letting Fitz know it was alright for him to run off for a moment. This left her with some time to herself as she tried to piece together what had happened, though it all seemed to be missing. When he returned, he was relieved to see the first aid kit. At least one of them was mentally present. As he went on, she nodded. He was right, she needed to change as soon as possible. She was freezing. “I-I don’t have anything t-to wear.” She told him, knowing it wasn’t much of a problem, but it was the problem she was prepared to deal with right now. 

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30 Days of Doctor Who
↳ 15. Favorite episode from Season 4

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Timey Wimey Fest: Week 1 Day 4
               ↳Favorite Side Character {Rory Williams}

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batteredoptimist asked:

“Need a hand?”



Apparently after breaking your arm and having it put in a sling, even putting on a sweater became next to impossible. That lead her to struggle with the red pullover hoodie, managing to get it over her head but not far past that.

She perked up at the stranger’s offer- she couldn’t even properly see him with her head stuck in the sweater- and considered declining. Osgood was never one to accept help. But, she was cold and it seemed she’d be stuck halfway into a sweater if she didn’t take the offer, so she nodded, hoping he saw it. “Yes please, that’s be much appreciated.” She added in a quiet voice for good measure. 


A light smile touched the corners of his mouth, “It seems your sweater’s gotten the best of you. I’m sure we can remedy that.” Long fingers carefully reached out to grasp the hoodie and give it a sharp tug.

After dislodging the garment from around her ears and settling it on her shoulders where it belonged he pulled away, giving her a speculative look, “Getting clothing on whilst injured is a nasty business isn’t it?”

She was relieved when finally freed from the hoodie, struggling one last time to make sure it was on her properly. It seemed the man had done a fine job sorting out her sweater. “Thank you.” She told him quietly, her cheeks tinging pink ever-so-slightly. 

She laughed lightly, nodding in agreement. “It’s been just awful.” She admitted, letting out a sigh. “I can barely get dressed. I’ve been late to work three times this week.” Sure, everyone at UNIT had been incredibly understanding, but it still felt rather pathetic to show up late. 

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After a moment’s hesitation, XI took her hand and clasped it by way of an appreciative shake before he withdrew it. “Surname, I presume,” he said quietly, shifting aside to show he was willing to let her sit. “Once knew a bloke called Osgood many years ago. Clever man, very helpful.”

She nodded, pulling her hand back and placing it in her lap once more. “Yes, my first name’s Kate, if you prefer.” She offered, speaking quietly and, frankly, a little hesitantly. “I suppose you mean my grandfather… He and I are really close. He is clever, at least I think so.” 

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greatbigoutrspacedunce asked:

"Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"

It was a simple enough request, but no, it seemed that she couldn’t do that. She did try to look at him, though the amount of blood she’d lost did make it hard to focus on such a blurry image of the man. As for staying awake? Osgood doubted she could hold out for very much longer, the way she already felt lightheaded and she had to fight to keep her eyes open. 

"I-I dunno…" She told him, honestly.

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