The Doctor Will Save Me


I realized I made Osgood way too young before. So, now she’s 29 (which is still young to have such a high authority job, but is not as crazy young as she was before). This may change further if I’m not happy with it.

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Alright, I’m heading to bed. Night all! I’ll reply to all of those who I owe (who’s actually just Lucky, whoops) after choir tomorrow. Good night!

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everything in my drafts is for timeywimeyten pls send help

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one of those soulmate aus with the countdown on their wrists until you meet the person you are destined to be with but muse A used to self harm and now the numbers are eligible so muse B has to tell them that they are soulmates and it leads to a conversation about why muse a has the scars and one of two things happens:

1) the relationship starts off with a lie.

2) the two know each other’s faults right from the start.

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Rp blogs I want to make but I’m afraid no one will rp with me one them:

idk would any of you rp with them?

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”_______ has passed away.” 

Name someone to see my character’s reaction.

Bonus/Optional: Type how they died. [ Murdered, Protecting, etc. ] 

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them 

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omxe asked:



"I-I…" Osgood was at a lost for words, a steady blush forming on her face.

"Oh, hello there." 


There might have been a little amusement on his face. “Hello!”

"Um, is there some reason you touched my hair? Not that it was unwelcome I’m just.. confused, I suppose." 

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malcolmtaylorrp asked:


A not altogether unpleasant elevator ride with her colleague came crashing to a halt when the lift stopped moving mid-ride. Panic crept up on Osgood as the lights of their lift flickered off, plunging the two of them into darkness.

"Oh n-no. Oh gosh… This c-can’t be happening…" She couldn’t help the small stutter in her voice, worry rising in her throat. Or maybe that was the asthma. And- oh god, where was her inhaler? Patting her pockets frantically, she sighed, realizing it was still a few floors above them in her office. She’d just need to stay calm until someone came to get them. 

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elevenxremembers asked:

Win your character's heart meme: "I'm the Doctor." [ oops ]

"H-hello, sir…" Osgood mumbled, wondering why it was suddenly difficult to find her words. "Don’t worry, I-I know who you are." 

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